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The following Web sites offer information for families in British Columbia experiencing
separation and divorce.
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A Kids' Guide to Separation and Divorce
A Kids’ Guide to Separation and Divorce
For children aged 5 to 12. Flash version combines animation, voice narration and text. Also includes a brief Guide for Grown-Ups.
A Guide for Grown-ups
Designed to complement A Kids' Guide to Separation and Divorce. The guide explains how to make effective use of the Web site, and provides a list of books on the subject of separation and divorce.

A Teen Guide to Parental Separation and Divorce   A Teen Guide to Parental Separation and Divorce
For preteens and teens.
The Flash version of this Web site includes music and motion graphics.

Additional Resources

Family Justice Web site
Provides comprehensive information about family justice services offered by British Columbia ’s Ministry of Attorney General for families experiencing separation and divorce.
Visit http://www.ag.gov.bc.ca/family-justice/index.htm for more information.

Justice Education Society of BC
Works to make our justice system accessible to everyone through hands-on, targeted, two-way education between the public and the justice system. To learn more and to download a Families Change poster, visit www.JusticeEducation.ca

LSS Family Law in British Columbia
The Legal Services Society offers self-help materials, links to places for more legal help and offers general information about family law at www.familylaw.lss.bc.ca

Parenting After Separation
A free, three-hour information session for British Columbia parents who are dealing with child custody, guardianship, access and support issues. HTML

The Parenting After Separation Handbook for Parents is a free workbook that focuses on the needs of children when parents separate, and how you can help meet those needs. PDF

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